NFL ... not all bad

While struggling lately with the myriad of NFL issues that seem to surface on a weekly basis, I happened to land on some images parked on an old hard-drive.  Having personally felt the effects of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) on my own family,  I continue to struggle watching the guys on the Pats take one crushing head-shot after another.  It's truly amazing how tough these guys are, but in the end we see how truly human they really are on all levels.

I witnessed this first-hand with Ed Reed during a shoot for Xterra years ago.  I have to admit, as I sit here looking back, I was totally intimidated.  I would love to have a do-over on this one -- slow things down -- get the shot I really wanted.  But Ed was huge and I was not.  It was only after a couple of bevs with Ed did I realize he was totally mellow and up for anything, but time slipped away as did Ed with his entourage.  Thanks Ed.