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We are an Award winning video production company. Creating digital visual content for brand engagement, and developing films for broadcast, web & social media. 

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Crowley Digital knows that people like to watch videos, and will stay a couple minutes longer on a site if one is there.  In fact people have come to expect one, and prefer watching a well crafted story rather than reading text.

We are all about the story, or what we call brand-stories.  We listen to our clients carefully, helping them craft a message that makes sense and is enjoyable to the end user, who is looking for information while at work, home or commuting by train on a mobile device.  What we film, we film for a reason.  Our brand-stories help people get the feel of a company, a school or non-profit.  We are professional artists, sound guys, lighting gurus, film makers and editors -- all working together -- doing what we love ... so you can too. 

If you like what you see, reach out and let us put your brand in motion today (603) 770-2852

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While Crowley Digital is primarily a video production company -- our roots are deeply embedded in photography.  At the core of every image rests the still photograph, and we get it.  Our journey started in coffee shops and small galleries -- and then catapulted into museum and private collections worldwide.  Our cameras today are truly remarkable, capable of 240 frames per second, and more!  But here at Crowley Digital, we never forget that each one of those frames is a still, backed with years of experience, composition, subtlety and style.  Sit back, take a sip of coffee and enjoy.



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