Bikes & Beer ... Utopia?

Colonial Bike shop has been a huge part of the Seacoast riding community — especially in supporting kids learning to ride and race. At a recent weekly race series I started playing around with my new voice activated GoPro 7 black — and threw this together for their social media. Thankful for places like Colonial and guys like Pete Mead who dedicate so much time to getting kids involved with wheels … especially with all the not so positive alternatives out there.

Halfway to Fifty

Emmanuel College recently embarked on a 50 million dollar fundraising campaign. Crowley Digital has deep experience in helping the educational sector raise money, in fact over 100 million in the last five years. The film was launched privately about a month ago and has helped raise 25 million so far. We like to think we helped this process along …. looking forward to the next 25 million.

Urgent Care

Eliot Hospital was finding that their new urgent care center was not getting the traffic they needed. People in southern New Hampshire were accustomed to heading to Manchester to their other urgent care facility. So, we created a piece with real doctors, saying real things, to get real people in the door. Within two weeks of production the ads were running on Manchester’s local WMUR. Not that anyone wants people to get hurt or injured, but traffic is up in Bedford with a little help from Doctor Kev … and thirty seconds with Crowley Digital.

Old Yes, Effective Yes ... 75 million worth

Yes it’s one of our earlier films, but five years ago when it was new, it helped launch a 75 million dollar campaign. That campaign wrapped up and now the building stands tall on the campus of Phillips Exeter Academy. It was on this film that we introduced what we called a “trailer” - a piece that was embedded on ipads and sent around the country to gain seed money for the campaign. That little campaign helped raise 5 million dollars and helped pave the way for more mainstream giving that would occur afterwards.

We Are the Manchester Monarchs

When the Los Angeles Kings decided to leave town and bring their farm club closer to California — the New Hampshire Monarchs needed a fresh start. No more free rides, a deep connection needed to be made with the community. Bodies in seats is essential. We worked with them to create a quick pregame hype-vid and a new social campaign to continue to draw the team and the community closer together. Here’s the hype vid — which was presented at their home opener Friday night (October 19, 2018).

The Sweet Sounds in Harvard Square

You just can’t believe it, everything seems normal, the boys look like any other boy. Until they sing — and then it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard. I would compare it to professional sports, the play is clearly at a different level. But they’re just kids; how is this possible you ask? Well it is, and the boys of Saint Paul’s Choir School in Harvard Square are just simply amazing. You have to hear it to believe it. I believe.

The WayBack Machine

Seeing Tom back on the field sparked some old memories of the vid we did for Best Buddies and Zenith back in 2012.  I will never forget how he showed up in a massive rain-storm to golf with a group of guys on the Cape.  The players were sure he wouldn't join them for that part of the Best Buddies fund-raiser.  But alone he arrived, in his Mercedes, running through the parking lot with his bag of golf-clubs covering his head.  He then proceeded to beat every player, including the owner of the club, proving his across the board athleticism.  Although this was six years ago, and one of the first videos we produced, the vibe is still spot on. 

University of New Hampshire

Crowley Digital is delighted to add the University of New Hampshire to our academic portfolio.  Headquartered in the Seacoast of New Hampshire for over fifteen years, we've always admired and benefited from having a great school so close by.  Celebrating many of the school's successes and recent recognition of being voted the safest college campus in America (by National Council for Home Safety and Security) -- we went to work helping to create and spread that message to the International students worldwide.  Great kids, great school ... great times.

The Seasons of Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a sport that heads quickly to the top of the chart for me.  It's a bit of an addiction -- but as addictions go -- not a bad one.  For years, I would mountain bike as far into winter as I could.  This usually meant until the snow was too deep for my wheels to spin.  Happily I would then transition to another favorite sport of cross country-skiing.  In the winter of 2016, I was lucky enough to secure what is called a Fat-Bike, which really means large wheels, that allows a rider to roll through many more inches of snow than a traditional bike would.

In the summer, while getting ready to go for a quick lunch-ride, I left my Santa Cruz Tallboy LT in the driveway.  I got sidetracked by a phone call from a client.  When I returned to the bike, rain had begun to fall.  I quickly pulled the bike up and the abstract below was what remained.  This inspired me (as well as a number of good friends) to try another image after a recent snow-storm with my Trek Farley, Fat-Bike.  Almost exactly 6 months apart, they each tell a different, but interesting story.  Roll on.


You know you've got it good when you're doing what you love ... twice.  Once by being on a mountain bike; twice, by filming -- while being on a mountain bike.  Thankful to SELT (Southeast Land Trust) for allowing me to re-discover the sounds of silence.  There have been times while filming in this extensive (1500 acre) forest in Barrington, NH -- that the only sound is my breath, or heartbeat ... or both.  The photo below shows my old 2003 resuscitated photo-backpack and retrofitted Santa Cruz Tallboy.  Twice is nice.


This is Big (part 1) Southeast Land Trust

Working with a great land trust up here in New Hampshire (SELT).  Dedicated to preserving farms, greenways and natural resources for -- well -- forever.  We launched a three part film series to get the word out to preserve 1500 acres of undisturbed land in Barrington, NH.  Filming required me to re-discover my old photo backpack, and rubber wraps to mount tripods and a slider on my mountain bike.  I'm honored to be working with people so dedicated to the land and water in our region.  That is big.